5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Taking Supplements

Before you take any form of supplements or multivitamins, you will need to consult your doctor beforehand. But you might be wondering why it’s needed if supplements don’t require a prescription. Supplements like Vital Nutrients at Supplement First may interact with your medication or may not be required, depending on your nutrient needs. This may leave you wondering what you should be asking your doctor when it comes to your supplement needs. Here are the questions to consider asking.

  1. Should I be taking multivitamins in the first place?

Most nutritionists and other medical health professionals believe that people should get their share of essential nutrients from natural food. However, if one’s current diet isn’t fulfilling the necessary amount of nutrients, they have dietary restrictions, or a condition that keeps their body from absorbing vitamins properly, then your doctor will suggest a suitable supplement for you, suggesting brands like Thorne Research.

Before that, your doctor should take a series of tests to determine if you are deficient in any nutrients. After analyzing your test results, the doctor will then be able to see what you are deficient in and the appropriate supplements to take, along with dietary changes.

  1. Can I take vitamin supplements while pregnant

Pregnant women will require more nutrients than usual to keep themselves and their babies healthy. Your doctor may request that you replace the usual supplements you take daily with prenatal vitamin supplements to address any vitamin deficiencies and ensure you get enough nutrients necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

  1. Was this supplement flagged by the health department?

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates some supplements available on the market, they do not oversee every supplement advertised. The FDA does keep records of complaints and sanctions against companies for using suspicious ingredients in supplements, though. That’s why it’s best to do your research on FDA’s website and also ask your doctor if the FDA has flagged certain supplement brands before taking anything.

  1. Are there any side effects to this supplement?

Certain supplements may have negative side effects on your health if you take them with other reaction-inducing medication. Taking a combination of supplements or large amounts of them can cause other side effects or health complications. If you are diagnosed with certain conditions and take medication for them, consult your doctor before taking any supplements to see if there are any possible drug interactions or side effects.

  1. Are there whole-food alternatives to these supplements?

As mentioned, medical health professionals prefer that people get their nutrient intake from natural food first. Whole, organic foods are the better choice to replenish vitamin levels in your body. Before you consider taking supplements, you may want to ask your doctor if there are ways you can improve your diet to get enough vitamins.

Wrapping It Up

Make sure you save these questions for your next doctor’s appointment so you know what supplements you can and should be taking.