Care package for better health of your loved one: what to include?

It is a better idea to gift your loved ones with a healthcare kit from a care package delivery Singapore provider. However, you should include the following.

Vitamin drinks – Low immunity is the primary cause for various health issues and you should make sure that your loved one is healthy with all the necessary vitamins responsible for increased immunity. So, you should check whether the care package includes vitamin drinks or powders in any form. Usually, there will be a vitamin C drink or an orange drink.

Sanitizer – In these critical times, keeping our hands clean is crucial as the primary form of transmission of viruses is through physical contact. A sanitizer could keep your loved one’s hands clean from viruses and they could be healthy. Hence, you should include or check whether there is a sanitizer bottle in the care package.

Disposable face masks – Another cause for transmittable diseases is letting our faces uncovered. As viruses could transmit easily through our noses and mouth, a face mask is necessary. So, you should not forget to include disposable face masks in your health package. Usually, care package providers will include three disposable masks.