Frequent Blunders Made By Novice Bong Users

A bong is a tremendous smoking instrument with several advantages, but you must use it correctly to realize its full potential. Unfortunately, folks who use a bong for only the first occasion make various blunders. The good news is that most of these blunders are avoidable if you understand the easy procedures to take. Compared to other smoke or pipes, the standard bong delivers a better experience for users with minor discomfort and coughing.

Inaccurate Measurement Of Water

When purchasing and using a bong for the first time, it is okay to make a few mistakes since that is to be anticipated if you possess no prior expertise. Using a large quantity of water is a typical error that bong users make, resulting in lower quality smoke sessions. The general guideline when using water inside Bongs is to refrain from filling them to the top so that it reaches your mouth. Your main worry should be gauging the appropriate amount of water to enable bong filtering and adequately submerging the bong’s perc and chambers. Consider double-checking instructions or seeking help from seasoned bong enthusiasts to avoid making blatant blunders that may humiliate you in front of other frequent bong users.

Too Rapid Inhalation

The most excellent part of using a bong for pot is that it may provide you with a powerful high in a brief period. That’s why most individuals choose to smoke in this manner. However, if you are a novice and have only been high by a joint, you should exercise caution when utilizing this equipment. The smoke from the bong might enter your lungs immediately. As a result, it is thought to be among the most effective techniques for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or any other plant. You waste nothing burning the pot, so you enjoy every last bit. However, if you opt to inhale too quickly, you can have difficulty. It will either cause you to cough or get you dizzy. That is primarily due to your inexperience with smoking such a significant amount of weed in a short period. So, if you want a decent high, proceed slowly and take little puffs now and again. You may become accustomed to the bong after developing some “immunity.” While you’re still a beginner, treat it like any other joint. Once you’ve gained some expertise, you may start playing with how quickly and how much you can handle.

Allowing The Bong To Become Filthy

It is another typical blunder made by beginner bong users. People who smoke joints or roll their own have never had to maintain their smoking gear. Bongs must be appropriately cleaned, or they may become contaminated. They not only appear filthy, but they also taste bad. All you need are a couple of pipe cleaners, enough cleaning alcohol, and some salt. Clean whenever it appears filthy or when you notice the taste altering. Cleaning the bong will require you a minute or two, and maintaining it clean will lead to a high-quality smoking experience.

These are perhaps the most prevalent and typical blunders that all novices make while attempting to utilize a bong. Presumably, after reading this piece, you will refrain from committing them in the future.