How to take care after hair micropigmentation treatments? (micropigmentation Toronto)

Take care after Hair micropigmentation treatments: –

The first few days after scalping micro pigmentation (micropigmentation Toronto)treatments are critical to healing after the procedure. Your scalp should not be wet for at least 24 hours after the treatment. You may shower or use a washcloth to cleanse the area just before applying moisturizer. Avoid using any harsh products and allow the skin to dry completely before applying any lotion or oil. Do not rub or scratch the area until the scab begins to peel away. To prevent infection, do not cut the hair around the area where the tattoo was placed. If you notice any redness or swelling, contact your doctor immediately.

  1. Scab Removal-When the scab starts to peel off, gently remove it with tweezers or your fingernails. Be careful not to pull out the pigment particles. Once the scab is removed, it is time to prepare the area for proper healing. Apply moisturizer and keep the area well-moisturized. Use the same method of cleansing that you did before the micropigmentation Toronto treatment. Wait at least 48 hours before shampooing again. If you have been using a medicated ointment, wait 2 weeks before washing again.
  2. Hair growth is dependent upon many factors including genetics, hormones, nutrition, environment, and lifestyle. However, if we look closer, we find many similarities between human hair and cannabis hair. Both types of hair start in the dermis layer of the skin. From here they pass down through the epidermal layer and then into the outer root sheath. From the outer root sheath, both types of hair go back into the follicle. Within the follicle, the hairs’ roots (or cortex) and fibers (or medulla) develop. When the hair grows, these parts of the hair expand outward. At this point, the hair becomes visible. But what happens next? Are the two types of hair alike? Yes! Both hair types consist of protein, fatty acids, and keratin. These three components make up over 90% of each type of hair. Each type of hair also contains a different amount of water. Human hair consists of nearly 80% water while cannabis hair contains approximately 70%. As mentioned earlier, the length of hair can vary depending on genetics, hormone levels, and nutrition.
  3. Scalp Care-After the micropigmentation Toronto procedure, your scalp will likely feel tender and irritated, especially if you had darker pigments applied. You may experience some itching, burning, or peeling sensations. To help alleviate the pain and irritation, apply topical remedies to the affected area. A good option would be Aloe Vera gel mixed with honey. Keep in mind that you should never use a household product on your skin, even if it seems to work. Always consult your physician and dermatologist regarding any home remedy.
  4. Scarring-There are ways to minimize scarring and increase the longevity of the tattoo. One way to do this is to apply a protective barrier under the tattoo before applying makeup. Another thing you can do to minimize scarring is to leave the tattoo alone for several months and gradually expose it to sunlight.