ROHO Cushions – Uses & Benefits and Buying Guide

There are people or elders who are suffering from some illness or the other and need to rest or sit in one place for a longer period of time. So, they can develop pressure wounds, and they can range from inconvenient to life-threatening. Decreasing the pressure on a particular area of the skin is a standard treatment as well as a prevention method. The re-engineered and cost-effective ROHO cushion by reputable sources like Vital Living redistributes the force against your skin.

What are ROHO cushions?

A ROHO cushion increases as well as decreases the air in its cells that matches the body contours of the users. It helps to expand the contact surface area and spreads out the pressure point that is put on your skin from sitting in one place for a long time. It offers the best protection for those people living with or who wants to deal with healing from painful skin pressure sores.

Benefits of ROHO cushion

  • Provides basic preventative skin as well as soft tissue protection
  • Great for support, positioning, and comfort
  • Controls excess heat
  • Helps to take pressure off the sacrum for the entire day wheelchair users
  • Provides extra adjustability and elevation, along with customized positioning
  • Helps to fight chronic pressure sores

Uses of ROHO cushion

The main purpose of a ROHO cushion is to help in decreasing the amount of pressure on a particular sitting area. This is possible through innovative patented technology of interconnected neoprene air cells which increase as well as decrease air volume for matching the contours of an individual.

Tips for choosing the best ROHO cushion:

  • Cushion size: pediatric, standard, or bariatric?

However, this option is pretty self-explanatory, it is certainly worth mentioning. Every ROHO cushion is available in a selection of sizes, so you need to choose a size option that is compatible with your requirement.

For e.g., if you are buying a cushion for a child, choose pediatric sizing options, similarly, if you are an adult, obviously find a larger size, models labeled “bariatric” are the perfect option.


  • Cushion design: contoured, non-contoured, or Mosaic?

Most ROHO cushions format their air cells in various contours as well as in gradation of heights. Such contours are designed to make sure that those areas with a higher risk of skin breakdown are offered focused protection.

ROHO cushion contours can also help to make sure that patients stay seated securely and comfortably in their wheelchairs. ROHO Mosaic cushion by Vital Living offers even more enjoyable sitting time while still protecting the skin as well as soft tissues. They have more anatomically-designed cell heights, and even better, controlled airflow. This way you can sit longer, and with less pain, knowing that you have proven ROHO air-cell-based technology to support you.

Contact Vital Living in Australia, for the best quality ROHO cushions today. You can even browse their wide range of Pressure Care Products and easily click and collect in-store to save time. If you need any guidance on their products, their customer-friendly staff is always there to guide you.