Trying To Stop Smoking Using A Vape

Smoking is a nasty habit as nicotine is highly addictive, making it hard to stop once started. An entire industry has been built on creating products and devices to help people quit, with some being better than others. There are many different aids you can use to help you stop smoking, but one of the most popular is vaping. If you want to stop smoking from ruining your health, you may want to consider vaping to control your nicotine addiction and slowly ween yourself off it. Below are some tips to help you use vaping to stop smoking and hopefully start living your life smoke-free.

Choose Your Vaping Device

You will need to consider which type of vaping device you want to try using, and you can go into your local vaping store and ask the assistant for advice. There are two primary types of devices, which are:

Direct-To Lung: With this type of device, your draw on the vape and take the vapour directly into your lungs. Many people like this type of device for vaping, and it allows you to blow massive vape clouds if that is something you want to do.

Mouth-To-Lung: The second type of device is where you draw the vapour from the device into your mouth and hold it before inhaling it into your lungs. However, you cannot blow big vape clouds with this type, so you will need a direct-to-lung device if that is what you want.

You can get plenty more information on the different types of devices that are available by clicking here. Once you have the perfect vaping device, you will then need to consider your vape juice.

Choosing The Best E-Liquid For You

When it comes to finding the best e-liquid, UK vapers are spoilt for choice with so many options available. However, there are some factors to consider when choosing your vape juice, which include:

Nicotine Strength: You need to ensure that you select a suitable nicotine strength for the vape juice you will use. If the one you choose is too weak, you may find it hard to control your urges to smoke, and if it is too strong, it can make you feel sick. You will want to start at a suitable level and then slowly reduce the strength over time. You will get to a point where you no longer need to vape, and you do not have any cravings caused by nicotine addiction if you use the device correctly.

The PG/VG Ratio: You will also need to ensure you select a vape juice that is the correct ratio for the type of vaping device you are using. You find that many devices can use a 50/50 ratio, but some e-liquids are available in proportions with more vegetable glycerine, which makes the plumes vape, which is not suitable for all devices.

Vape Juice Flavour: You will also need to think about the flavour of vape juice that you want to use, and this can be daunting with so many choices available. There are many fruit-based flavours, or you can select a dessert flavour profile for you to vape. You can also get tobacco flavours that taste like cigarettes, and there are some crazy flavours, such as garlic or bacon.